OTC Bitcoin Markets

Bitcoin companies trading under Over-The-Counter Markets

Over-The-Counter Markets

OTC markets is a type of financial market which operate based on a decentralized system. The trade occurs over phone, electronic methods, and other web-based systems. OTC markets can be used to trade bonds, securities, currencies, equities, and structured products. OTC markets can happen between dealers and clients or between dealers. The OTC transactions are less transparent and are high risk.

OTC Bitcoin Market Trading

OTC Markets Group Inc. is the largest over-the-counter market in the USA. They operate over 10, 000 OTC securities and provide electronic dealer trading systems. The three marketplaces of OTC Markets Group are OTCQx, OTCQB, and OTC Pink.


OTCQx is the best marketplace for established companies with credible record. Requirements and documentation for the OTCQx marketplace must be satisfied in order to be eligible. Companies with highest standards and governance can apply.


OTCQB is the venture market for US and international companies with minimum investment and stocks. They need to undergo verification and certification every year. Companies that are not bankrupt or that follow Alternative Reporting Standards can apply for OTCQB.

OTC Pink

OTC Pink is the open market with less restrictions for worldwide companies. Foreign companies with limited disclosure can apply. Bankrupt or deliquent companies also are included. Investors are cautioned that OTC Pink is the highest risk marketplace.

OTC Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the leader in Cryptocurrency and is becoming the fastest alternative to fiat currency. The peer-to-peer transaction based system is independent of any government or currency. Worldwide remittance charges are less with Bitcoin when compared to other financial institutions.

Bitcoin is a software and the miners are allotted Bitcoin for solving the complex mathematical equations. All users in Bitcoin network act as a ledger system where all transactions are verified, confirmed, and updated. Bitcoin has become the global currency in the modern world.

Bitcoin is accepted in day-to-day merchants and online shopping. Investors can buy Bitcoin through the exchange market or through the Over-the-counter market. Order matching in the exchanges is done on a first-come-first-serve basis.

OTC Bitcoin Market

OTC Markets Group Inc. is also offering Bitcoin companies for investing over-the-counter. New companies are believing in the Bitcoin growth and are offering stocks.

OTC Bitcoin markets are anonymous which are similar to Bitcoin transactions. The anonymity of users and transactions is a huge plus point for over-the-counter markets and Bitcoin trading. GBTC, BTSC, and BITCF are three companies that are under OTCQx for OTC Bitcoin Market.


GBTC is ticker for Bitcoin Invesment Trust from which investors can trade Bitcoin. It has three stars from Morningstar and is safe for investors. GBTC is in the top 50 best companies to invest in the OTC markets.


BTSC is the symbol for Bitcoin Services Inc. which is the next best company for OTC Bitcoin market. It is available as a common stock in OTC Pink with limited company information.


BITCF is the notion for First Bitcoin Capital Corp. under the OTC Pink market. The common stock has a warning for trading. This may be due to the unverified information on the OTC network.

Pros and Cons

  • Over-The-Counter markets have less charges
  • Anonymous trade is possible
  • Open for worldwide investors
  • Dealers have remote trading systems
  • Easy to buy and sell Bitcoin
  • Provides a huge network for investors
  • Higher chance of scamming for unverified companies
  • Less chances of liquidity during financial crisis
  • Post trading processes are essential for security
  • Loss of trade for unstable companies due to the posted warnings
  • Associated fees for using the OTC platforms
  • Possible loss due to unforeseen circumstances and global events